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Over $2,000! Wow guys, just wow! For the first time in my life (I’m sure my parents and my husband could confirm this) I am speechless. If you read all the way to bottom of our Kickstarter page (kudos for your stick-with-it-ness) you’ll know that our average operating cost for the entire event is approximately $2,000. This puts us in the best place possible to throw an amazing event and bring amazing films.

Your tickets, shirt and/or poster will be redeemable at the festival itself this July. We will have a list of backers and you are also encouraged to retain the email or letter you’ll receive in January. The private event will be held in late Spring and updates will be sent to you directly as planning is completed.

Below is the full and updated list of all our Kickstarter supporters.

Excuse my “french” when I say, YOU ALL KICK ASS.


Thank You!

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We did it! We fully funded The Prairie Pride Film Festival! Thank you all for your generosity and support!

Check out a list of our backers (current through Kickstarter close date, 12/16/2013):

$100 and Over: 
Abby Swatsworth
Zach Anderson
Larry and Peg Pelter
Tyler Richard
Tom Beckius
Jamie Steckelberg Scott – JamesAnn Photography
Eric Brown – Eric Brown Home Real Estate
Randy Gerke
Jeff Epler
Sarah Echternacht
Chuck Echternacht

$50 and Over:
Joseph Wieland
Ryan N. Olsen

Other Support: 
Kieran Turner
Russ Roberts
Frances Schoonveld
James Pelter
Amanda Bergeron-Bauer
Sheryl Teslow
Jim Kosmicki
Stefanie Pearlman
Angela DeVolld
Victoria Matthews
Lee Foster
James Hamrick
Jonathan Reyes
Benjamin Craig
Ken Versaw
Christopher August
Corwin Kristofer Watts
Tina Zavodska
Gary Phillips

2014 Fundraising Kick Off on Kickstarter!

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We Need You! Fundraising for our 2014 festival is officially beginning and we’re offering more rewards for donating than ever before.

Visit our Kickstarter page – we have 60 days to reach $1,500. Will you help us bring LGBTQA films to midwestern audiences? Don’t forget to share our project!