Elsbeth’s Farewell to Prairie Pride

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I have been half of the production team for the Prairie Pride Film Festival for four years. It’s a bittersweet feeling to announce: I’m resigning from that role and hopefully passing the torch to another interested and inspired volunteer. Mike will stay on, but only in a film programming capacity, with the hope of teaching another volunteer the ins and outs of seeking and negotiating film contracts.

My husband and I are beyond thrilled to share there will be second baby joining our family this year. In addition, I’m one of the lucky few who are passionate about the dreaded “day job.” As my role increases within the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law programs at the University of Nebraska College of Law I find myself more dedicated and in need of my time to fully pursue what I believe this program and our outstanding students are capable of. As I pursue those goals and become the mother to two children, I’ve needed to make some hard choices about my time and my priorities. One of those choices is to end my work with the Film Festival.

I’ll admit it’s been pretty rad to say “I’m a small indie film fest producer.” The Festival has been an act of love from the start. Mike approached me with the idea during our second year of law school, and the first fest was planned in less than two months. I can’t underline enough how much I’ve learned over the past four years. From grassroots marketing, fundraising, navigating the change from student group to nonprofit sponsorship, newspaper and television interviews, bumpy roads with the local indie film community, and the outpouring of support; it’s been a journey.

I will be staying on the Outlinc Board of Directors until my term expires and they kick me out. It’s my hope to get further involved with the wonderful family events and support programmed by Amanda Bergeron-Baur. As I truly believe that art is a wonderful form of advocacy, I also truly believe an act of friendliness, compassion, or just a day of fun together can change a family dynamic, a child’s life, and teach others that families that outwardly appear different than their own are just that – families. 

The Outlinc Board will be seeking someone who is interested in replacing me for the Film Festival. In that capacity I’m more than pleased to meet with anyone who may be interested and has questions about the workload.

I’ll fully admit, during fundraising and the month of the event, it’s a lot of work. I probably dedicate about 80 hours to it every year (spread out into smaller portions throughout many weeks). I say this not to ward off interested parties, but to allow people to make an educated decision about their participation. If a replacement isn’t found this is likely the end of the Prairie Pride Film Festival, but not the end of our journey to use art to educate, film to broaden, and community to build up individuals.

Wherever this road leads, I encourage you to support independent LGBTQA film!

Thank you!

Elsbeth Magilton


If YOU are that interested and inspired volunteer to take on a producing role for 2015, please go to and specify your interest in a lead position with the film fest! 

Drum Roll Please! (are you drumming? good.)

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Announcing Our 2014 Line Up:

Thursday July 24th at 7pm SUCH GOOD PEOPLE

Friday July 25th Friday at 7pm REACHING FOR THE MOON

Saturday July 26th at 1pm BOY MEETS GIRL

Saturday July 26th at 7pm I AM DIVINE

After I AM DIVINE meet us at Karma Nightclub and Cabaret for their 2014 Queen of Karma Pageant! You know that’s what Divine would want.Visit them at:

Throughout the next week I’ll be sharing summaries and information on all of our fabulous films! If you’re too excited to wait, click on the film names above to head over to their pages. Still WANT MOAR?! You can download our full Press Kit: PPFF2014PRESSKIT.

The Fourth Annual Prairie Pride Film Festival is proudly presented by Outlinc and thanks event sponsors:

The Panic

JamesAnn Photography

Eric Brown Home Real Estate

Tom Beckius

Zach Anderson.

The festival would not be possible without numerous individual donations and extends its thanks to everyone who has provided support.


Star City Pride

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Come visit Elsbeth and Taylar at Star City Pride this Saturday July 12 from 4-8!

Just a $12 donation earns you a 2014 SHIRT!

If you are a kickstarter funder you may also pick up your shirt, tickets, or pass there (also available at the door during the festival)!

You can learn all about Star City Pride on their Facebook event page: